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Craftsman 10 Inch Contractor Table Saw Review

Today I want to look at write the Craftsman 10 Inch Contractor Table Saw Review (model number 21833). This is a very popular contractor saw from Craftsman and when you see what you are getting for your money its easy to see why. As with all table saws there are some features that people absolutely love, and some, not so much. so lets have a good look as to what this table saw has to offer.



Width (in.): 44 5/16″
Depth (in.): 56.13/16″
Height (in.): 38 15/16″
Table Height From Floor (In): 37 3/8″
Dust Port Outside Diameter (in): 4″
Maximum Dado Width (in.): 13/16″
Maximum Cut Depth at 45° (in): 2 3/16″
Maximum Cut Depth at 90° (in): 3 1/8″
Maixmum Dado Diameter (in): 8″
Table Dimensions (LxW): 26 5/16″ x 20 3/16″
Table Dimensions with Extensions: 40″ X 27″

Product Overview:

Item Weight (lbs.): 288.0 lbs.
Portability Mobile
General Warranty: 12 months
Style: Stationary
Table Saw Style: Bench Top Table Saw
Wheeled: Wheels
Package Contents: Blade, Dust Chute, Extension Rail, Miter Gauge, Saw Blade, Rip Fence
Fence Type – Open text: Extruded aluminum body

Materials & Finishes:

Extension Material: Steel
Cord Length (ft.): 6′
Cord Management: Cord clip
Cord Type: 14 gauge


Blade Diameter (In) 10″


Amps: 15 / 7.5 Amps
Motor Voltage: 120 / 240V
Arbor Speed (RPM): 3550 rpm

Blade, Use:

Arbor Size: 5/8″

General Features:

Table Material: Cast iron
Table Swivel: No


Maximum Cut Depth: 3 1/8″
Right Rip Capacity: 30″
Left Rip Capacity: 13″
Rip Scale: Yes

Size and Weight

As with most contractor table saw’s they tend to be too heavy to take from jobsite to jobsite. and the Craftsman 10 ” Contractor saw is no exception. it weighs in at impressive 265 lbs, so will definitely need 2 or more people to lift it and is one of the heavier contractor saws available. The weight of this saw may will appeal to a many woodworkers where portability is not an issue but the extra stability and accuracy that comes with heavy cast iron tables is high on the list.

If space is limited in your workshop and need the ability to move the table saw. the Craftsman 10 Contractor Saw also comes with a very clever and effective rolling base that is incorporated into the saw stand. Its deployed by pressing a foot lever which drops and locks the the wheels allowing for the saw to be moved.

The cast iron table with pressed steel extensions measures 40″ x 27″ the two rip fence rails that fit to the front and back of the saw are 56 1/2″ long which give a maximum rip width of 30″ to the right of the blade and 13″ to the left. The table stands a 37 3/8″

Craftsman 21833 Base

Craftsman 21833 Base

Blades and Dado’s

The Craftsman 21833 Contractor Table Saw comes with a 10″ 24 tooth ATB carbide tipped  blade. Its good sharp and works well for ripping wood, but upgrading the blade will make a noticeable difference to the quality of cuts that you will get with this saw, particularly for crosscutting. The saw is will accept an 8″ dado blade up to 13/16″thick. The arbor is a standard 5/8″ so will accept all standard 10″ table saw blades.

Craftsman 21833 24 Tooth Saw Blade

Craftsman 21833 24 Tooth Saw Blade


The Craftsman 21833 comes with a pretty standard blade guard system, which you will find on all new table saws now, that consists of an acrylic blade guard, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. The blade guard can bit fitted and removed without the use of tools. The riving knife has three separate positions. So it can be used at full height with the blade guard and anti-kickback pawls for all through cuts and and at the lower settings where the blade guard is to be removed for non through cuts. The riving knife can also be removed or repositioned without the use of tools. The power button is on the left side of the front rail for easy access and features a large safety paddle switch to quickly switch the saw off if needed. The 21833 also comes with a plastic push stick that can be mounted onto the saw casing.

Fence and Miter

The Craftsman 21833 also uses a standard 3/4″ x 3/8″ t-style miter track, This gives you the option of either using the very good cast iron miter gauge that comes with the saw or use any of the brilliant after market miter gauges on the market. The aluminium fence locks at both the back and front rails. It runs smoothly on the rail and locks securely and square to the blade. It doesn’t feature the micro adjust feature that can be found on other saws, but I don’t see this as an issue as most woodworkers like to measure from the blade anyway to ensure an accurate cut.

Craftsman 21833 Blade Guard

Craftsman 21833 Blade Guard


The motor on the Craftsmen 21833 10 inch contractor table saw is a 1 3/4HP capacitor start induction motor. Its a single phase machine that is prewired to run at 120 volts but can also be rewired to run at 240 volts. Power is transferred to the blade using a v belt and will run at 3450 RPM


So Craftsman have produced a brilliant saw for the money here and its clear to see why it is so popular. For the smaller home workshop, this table saw ticks a lot of boxes. Its heavy cast iron table combined with the smooth quiet induction motor greatly reduces vibration and makes for a more stable machine, which in turn improves the quality of the cuts from the saw. The fence glides easily and locks securely and squarely to the blade. If you are unlucky enough for this not to be the case, the fence can easily be adjusted by following the steps in the instructions.

One of the best parts of this saw which will appeal a lot of woodworkers is the integrated mobile base. by pressing a foot lever the saw is raised onto its wheels enabling you to wheel the saw around your workshop or garage.

One thing I would have like to see is a longer power lead. at 6 feet long, I don’t feel it is long enough. However it is something that you can replace if you need the extra length. Its worth noting that this isn’t a unique issue with the Craftsman saw, it’s quite common to see 6 foot power leads.

At the time of writing this saw is available at Sears for $599 which represents amazing value for a saw of this quality and features.

Further Information

For a great video review of the Craftsman 21833 10″ Contractor Table Saw, have a look at these videos from Christopher Demetrick where he gives an honest review of his saw after 6 months of use

For more detail on this saw please see the Craftsman Website

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  1. Marty

    Didn’t think much about the video review. I found one on CL for $250, but I’ll stick with my ancient model 113.xxxxxxx..

  2. John De Falco

    I think this is a well done review but there are some additional features that should be discussed such as table flatness and blade squareness. Would appreciate an update

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