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DeWalt DWE7490X Review

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The DWE7490X is one of the new range of portable table saws to be released by DeWalt. It is actually the next step up from the DWE7480 and packs a few extra features. It has a great ripping capacity and comes with a scissor stand. Its a not the smallest of saws but fits nicely in the category of saw where you want good versatile saw and the ability to move it from job site to job site. At 58lbs its getting toward the upper limit for moving around There are smaller saws on the market but these will have sacrificed features in favor of portability.


Amps 15.0Amps
No Load Speed 4800rpm
Blade Diameter 10″
Arbor Size 5/8″
Dust Port Diameter 2-1/2″
Depth of Cut at 90° 3-1/8″
Depth of Cut at 45° 2-1/4″
Max Rip To Right Of Blade 28-1/2″
Max Rip To Left Of Blade 16-1/2″
Max Width of Dado 13/16″
Tool Weight 58lbs
Shipping Weight 90lbs

Main Features

  • Comes with DeWalts rack and pinion telescoping fence rails . These help you make fast, smooth and accurate fence adjustments.
  • Material support to help you make extra narrow rip cuts
  • 28 1/2″ rip capacity allows you to comfortably rip full size 4′ x 8′ sheets in half
  • On board storage of accessories and easy access to the blade guard assembly and riving knife
  • Tool free adjustment of the blade guard assembly
  • Compact folding scissor stand
  • Flip over fence for narrow rip cuts
  • Telescoping rails allow for large rip cuts, but also allow the saw to be folded down into a small portable package
  • A powerful 15 AMP high torque motor which spins at 4800 rpm that can handle mot materials including hardwoods
  • 2 1/2″ dust collection port that can fit to most shop vacuums.
  • 3-1/8″ depth of cut at 90 and 2-1/4″ at 45
  • 21-7/8″ x 26 – 3/8″ table provides superior material support

When buying from DeWalt you also get peace of mind with their great warranty. When purchasing a saw you get

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty

Base and Stand

The DeWalt DWE7490X comes with a scissor stand, which does the job, There are better designed stands such as the Gravity Rise stand that comes with the Bosch 4100-09 and it has been described by some woodworkers as being a bit flimsy, but it is more than up to the job. This may be something that DeWalt will need to address for future saws.

Table and Fence

The table is a good size at 21 7/8″  26 3/8 and combine this with DeWalts rack and pinion fence makes it very easy to align the fence parallel to the blade. This is something that is often overlooked on other saws. The rip capacity of 28 1/2″ inches is very impressive and can only be beaten by the Dewalt DWE7491RS and DWE7499GD which both have a ripping capacity of (32.5″).


The miter gauge that comes is adequate, but it may be something that you want to consider upgrading in the future. It also comes with a push stick to help you rip material safely. As with most of these saws the blade is OK but I would consider replacing with a better quality one to make sure you are getting the best from the saw.


The 15 amp brush motor on this saw is very good. It spins at 4800 RPM and has enough torque to deal with most materials, including thicker hardwoods and treated timber.


DeWalt have done it again with, this really is a great saw that ticks a lot of boxes for the contractor who needs a saw with a large rip capacity. The rack and pinion fence really is great, it moves easily and sets accurately again and again keeping the fence parallel to the blade. It has a safety power switch that prevents the saw from powering on in the event of a power cut. The powerful 4800 RPM motor can handle most materials easily. The saw will also accept dado blades up to 13/16″ which is a real bonus.

I would like to a better miter gauge and blade, but this is so often the case with these saws. But the good news is there are plenty of great alternatives out there and anly adequate accessories shouldn’t be the reason to disregard a saw.

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