DeWalt DWE7499GD Portable Table Saws

DeWalt DWE7499GD Review

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DeWalt DWE7499GD

SpecificationsSo DeWalt have introduced the DWE7499GD to their range of table saws. Bigger than the DW745 and the DWE7480 portable table saws, It fits into their category of “jobsite saw”. Now if you are thinking that this saw looks familiar, then you are right. It is an upgrade to the very popular DWE7491RS. It comes with an array of new safety features. Unfortunately this doesn’t include any of excellent technology that SawStop use. But it does show that manufacturers are beginning to wake up to saw safety.

Amps 15.0Amps
No Load Speed 4800rpm
Blade Diameter 10″
Arbor Size 5/8″
Dust Port Diameter 2-1/4″
Depth of Cut at 90° 3-1/8″
Depth of Cut at 45° 2-2/4″
Max Rip To Right Of Blade 32-1/2″
Max Rip To Left Of Blade 24″
Max Width of Dado 3/4″
Tool Weight 90lbs
Shipping Weight 110lbs

Differences Between the DWE7499GD and DWE7491RS

There are some subtle differences between the two saw’s that may not be immediately obvious but we’ll come to those later. The main selling point of this saw is its improved safety. DeWalt have chosen to call it their “Guard Detect” feature. It stops the saw from being used if the blade guard is not installed in its proper position. It is possible to override this feature, but you will manually have to activate the over ride switch. When the guard is not in its proper position, an LED will flash to indicate this is the case.

I can see what DeWalt are doing here. They are not completely stopping people from removing the blade guards, as this would put a lot of people off. Some people will still choose to remove. What they are making you do is think every time that you do. if you are going to remove the guard then be aware and be extra vigilant.

Other differences between the two.

  • The dust port on the DWE7499GD is smaller (DWE7491RS is 2-1/4″).
  • It can make slightly deeper cuts at 45 degree 2 -1/2″ (DWE7491RS 2-1/4)
  • Max rip to the left of the blade is 2″ better that the DWE7491RS
  • The max width of dado is ever so lightly smaller (1/16″ smaller that the DWE7491RS)

Base & Stand

As this saw is designed to be moved around the job site. DeWalt have done a good job on the stand. The legs fold away and allow the saw to wheeled away. It works well, But in my opinion the Gravity Rise wheeled base of the Bosch4100-09 is a superior way of moving your saw around.

Table & Fence

DeWalt have given us the same rack and pinion fence system as they have with the DWE7480 and the DW745. You can be confident that you will be able to set the fence quickly and accurately again and again. The table size comes in at respectable 26-1/4″ X 22″


Job site saws need to be light and as we have  come to expect from these types of saw, it is using the 15 Amp brush Motor, which spins at a very respectable 4800 rpm, Which should be good enough for most of your needs on the job site, with the ability to handle most hardwoods.


This is another great saw from DeWalt. If you need portability with a good stand and good table size to handle full size sheets of materials. Then this saw is definitely worth looking at. The first thing I would do though is chuck the blade and get myself a good “Freud” blade. It will make a huge difference to your work. Have DeWalt done enough with this upgrade from the DWE7491RS? Thats debateable. They have put effort into safety features which has to be commended. But ultimately its down to you and whether you feel these new additions are worth paying the extra for.

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2 Comments on DeWalt DWE7499GD Review

  1. Rick Allen

    Thank you ,that comparison was exactly what I wanted to know . I had no idea one was newer than the other. As you said I will be using my Bosch stand . Now to see if they sell a DWE7499G without the stand. Thanks again

    • Lonnie

      I respect your opinion about the stand but I do disagree for my circumstances. I do trim carpentry for a company that does hotels, nursing homes and apartment complexes (high volume). They have the Bosch and Mikita saws with gravity stands and to be quiet frank, I HATE THEM. They are incredibly unstable when doing long (16 feet) trim pieces. The Dewalt 7491 legs spread out and provide more more stability. They are also just as easy or easier to put up and down. The Bosch and Mikita (and all gravity fed for that matter, i also have a Delta gravity stand) is much heavier, which matters when lifting into my truck daily. The other HUGE advantage for me is the dewalt when folded down takes up much less room both horizontially and for me more importantly vertically. The Bosch and Mikita stands sit much higher when folded than the 7491s stand. I have a hard trifold locking tonneau on my truck. The Mikita and Bosch are too tall for me to close it much less lock it. The dewalt fits just fine, meaning at the end of the day, i load it up, drive home and leave the saw locked safely in my truck. The Mikita and Bosch stands require me to take the saw out of my truck and store it daily. Not to mention, if its raining or snowing on the drive home the saw gets wet. Different people prefer different tools but for my money and purposes the Dewalt 7491 as configured on the stand is PERFECT!

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