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Grizzly G0732 Contractor Table Saw Review

Now today I wanted to look at the Grizzly G0732 Contractor table saw. Described as being ideally suited for the job site or home shop. It has an open steel stand and rigid steel wings (as opposed to cast iron) and it weighs in at a hefty 198 lbs, Its not the heaviest contractor table saw around, but You’ll struggle lifting this one on your own. However, combine this with the mobile base (D2057A) and you’ll have a good sized saw that can easily be moved around your workshop, which is great for people where workshop space is limited.


Product Dimensions:

Weight 198 lbs.
Width (side-to-side) x Depth (front-to-back) x Height. 54-3/4 x 38-1/4 x 43 in.
Footprint (Length x Width) 28 x 28 in.


Power Requirement 110V or 220V, Single-Phase, 60 Hz
Prewired Voltage 110V
Full-Load Current Rating 11.5A at 110V, 5.7A at 220V
Minimum Circuit Size 15A at 110V, 15A at 220V
Power Cord Length 6 ft.
Power Cord Gauge 14 AWG
Included Plug Type 5-15 for 110V
Switch Type Paddle Safety Switch w/Removable Key


Type TEFC Capacitor-Start Induction
Horsepower 1.5 HP
Phase Single-Phase
Amps. 11.5A /5.7A
Speed 3600 RPM
Power Transfer Belt Drive
Bearings Shielded & Permanently Lubricated

Main Information

Table Saw Type Contractor
Maximum Blade Diameter 10 in.
Arbor Size 5/8 in.
Arbor Speed 4000 RPM
Maximum Width of Dado 13/16 in
Blade Tilt Direction Left
Max Blade Tilt. 45 deg.
Maximum Depth of Cut At 90 Degrees 3-1/8 in.
Maximum Depth of Cut At 45 Degrees 2-1/4 in.
Max Rip Right of Blade w/Included Fence & Rails. 30 in.
Max Rip Left of Blade w/Included Fence & Rails 12 in.

Additional Blade Information

Included Blade Information 10″ x 40T
Riving Knife/Spreader Thickness 0.090 in.
Required Blade Body Thickness 0.078 in.
Required Blade Kerf Thickness 0.118 in.
Rim Speed at Max Blade Diameter 10,500 FPM

Table Information

Floor to Table Height. 36-1/2 in.
Table Size with Extension Wings Width 40 in.
Table Size with Extension Wings Depth 25-1/4 in.
Distance Front of Table to Center of Blade 13-1/2 in
Distance Front of Table to Blade At Maximum Cut 8-7/8 in
Main Table Size Thickness 1-1/2 in

Fence Information

Fence Type Camlock T-Shape w/Aluminum Face
Fence Size Length 28 in.
Fence Size Width 1-5/8 in.
Fence Size Height 2-1/4 in.
Fence Rail Type Extruded Aluminum
Fence Rail Length 54-3/4 in.
Fence Rail Width 2-3/4 in.
Fence Rail Height 1-3/4 in

Miter Gauge Information

Miter Gauge Slot Type T-Slot
Miter Gauge Slot Size Width 3/4 in.
Miter Gauge Slot Size Height 3/8 in.


Table Precision-Ground Cast Iron
Wings. Sheet Metal
Trunnions. Cast Iron
Body Assembly Pre-Formed Steel
Fence Assembly Steel and Aluminum
Rails Extruded Aluminum
Miter Guage Construction Aluminum
Guard. Steel and Clear Plastic
Body/Cabinet Paint Type/Finish Powder Coated
Arbor Bearings Sealed & Permanently Lubricated

Other Related Information

Dust Port Size 2-1/2 in.

Additional Features

  • Quick-Release Blade Guard and Spreader
  • Quick Release Riving Knife
  • 2-1/2″ Dust Port
  • Aluminum Miter Gauge
  • Extruded Aluminum Camlock fence with Micro-Adjust Feature
  • Align-A-Cut Marker for Easily Aligning Workpiece Cutline with Blade
  • Encapsulated Blade Assembly for Efficient Dust Extraction
  • Zero-Clearance Table Insert Included
  • Included Push Stick
  • Included 10″ x 40T Carbide-Tipped Blade
Grizzly G0732 Detail

Grizzly G0732 Detail

Size and Weight

The Grizzly G0732 has a very generous 45″ x 25 1/4″ cast iron and rigid steel table top. The fence rail extends an extra 10 inches to the right of the rigid steel extension wings, giving you an overall width of 54 3/4″ The maximum rip width to the right of the blade is a very respectable 30″. You also have 12″ rip capacity to the left of the blade.

The saw weighs in at a hefty 198 lbs which means you will definitely need help if you need to lift this saw. But combine the G0732 with a mobile base and you will easily be able to roll this around your workshop.

Blades & Dado’s

The G0732 comes with a decent 10″ 40 tooth saw blade that is enclosed in a dust proof shroud. This minimises dust getting into the saw and makes dust collection below the saw more efficient. The blade height can be adjusted using the wheel on the front of the saw and locked in place by turning the center locking nut on the height wheel, the angle is controlled using a separate hand wheel on the right of the saw. There is an adjustable stop that allows you to quickly return the saw to 90 degrees.

The G0732 will accept any standard 10 inch table saw blade that uses a 5/8″ arbor. This saw will also accept a dado blade up to 13/16″ wide.


The G0732 has a tool free blade guard system made of steel and plastic and takes seconds to remove or install. In consists of blade guard riving knife and anti kickback pawls. It’s recommended to make use of the guard for all through cuts. The blade guard has two independent plastic side guards that rise and fall with the material being cut, which increases protection from blade contact injuries. If you need to make a non through cut you can remove the blade guard and fit an independent riving knife.  As with the blade guard the riving knife can be fitted without the use of tools. The riving knife rises and falls as the blade is raised and lowered and stops wood pinching the blade or twisting away from the fence and coming into contact with the back of the blade which can lead to kick back. The large paddle style switch is located on the left side of the fence rail for easy and quick access.

Grizzly G0732 Blade Guard

Grizzly G0732 Blade Guard

Fence & Miter

The fence on the G0732 is a very sturdy front and back cam locking style fence. It runs very smoothly on the measured fence rail. It has a micro adjustment knob that allows you to make fine adjustments to the fence before you lock it in with the main locking lever.

The Grizzly G0732 comes with a very good aluminium T Style miter gauge It is a standard 3/4″ wide by 3/8″ high so if you want something different than the supplied gauge you will be able to choose one of the many brilliant after market gauges.

Grizzly G0732 Fence

Grizzly G0732 Fence


The Grizzly G0732 has a very capable 1.5 HP belt driven induction motor that spins at 3600 rpm, It’s a single phase machine which is prewired for 110 volts but will run on 220 volts. The instructions on how to do this can be found in the user manual available on the Grizzly website, which can be found here

Grizzly G0732 Enclosed Motor

Grizzly G0732 Enclosed Motor


The Grizzly G0732 is a very good contractor table saw, as you would expect expect from a company like Grizzly, The smoothness and stability you get from a heavy cast iron table combined with a strong and quiet induction motor will definitely tick a lot of boxes with many woodworkers. It brilliantly bridges the gap between the small and light brush motored portable table saws and the larger hybrid/cabinet table saws.

You can find out more about this table saw on the Grizzly website

The video below is a very good review of the features of the Grizzly g0732

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  1. Robert Harry

    What is the overall depth of the g0732 including front and back rail? What is the cost? And where can I get one? What does it cost to have one shipped to Canton Ga 30115? I need the saw to be no deeper than 29″ as I routinely carry my saw through 2’8″ doors which only have about 29.75 clearance. Looking to make a purchase asap.

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