RIDGID R4513 Portable Table Saws

RIDGID R4513 Review

Now the RIGID R4513 is the recently released, upgraded version of their very popular RIGID R4510 10 inch portable table saw. Now on the face of it, it is a very impressive table saw. However information on its release does appear to be lacking  which has lead to a lot of confusion amongst customers looking to buy this saw and not being sure of what they are actually getting. Asking in store at retail outlets such as Home Depot is adding to confusion, because the store staff aren’t equipped to answer customers questions and queries. If you are anything like me, you like to really do your research when buying anything and if you can’t find the information to make a decision, you’re more likely to move on and look at different product completely. I want to be confident that the tool I spend all that time researching and comparing to other similar products is actually going to be the one that arrives when I click the “Buy Now” button

So lets look at the R4513 and see if we can highlight where it does differ from the R4510.


Assembled Depth (in.) 30.31 in
Assembled Height (in.) 17.32 in
Assembled Width (in.) 41.81 in
Blade Diameter 10 in
Maximum Cut Depth @ 90 Deg. 3.5 in
Product Depth (in.) 50.2 in
Product Height (in.) 23.15 in
Product Width (in.) 29.93 in
Table Length (in.) 30.25 in
Table Width (in.) 21 in
Amperage (amps) 15
Blade Location Centered
Blade Speed 4000.000 RPM
Blade guard system Yes
Color Family Orange
Cord Length (ft.) 6
Dust Collection Method 2 in. Dust Port
Maximum Cut Depth @ 45 Deg. 2.25 in
Maximum Speed (rpm) 4400
No Tool Blade Change No
Product Weight (lb.) 95 lb
Rip Capacity – Left 12 in
Rip Capacity – Right 25 in

Size and Weight

So the R4513 weighs in at a pretty hefty 95 lbs. Which makes this saw one of the heaviest in the range of portable table saws but when you look a the size of the table, It offers a very impressive 30.25″ x 21 cast aluminium table Which makes this one of the biggest portable table saws on the market. Two table saws that are similar in size and weight are the DeWalt DWE7499GD which weighs in at 90 lbs and has a table size of 26-1/4 ” x 22″. The SawStop JSS-MCA weighs in at a heavy 108 lbs  and comes with a 31-1/4 x 22-5/8″

Now with a table saw this heavy, It is essential to have a decent stand, and I’m glad to see that RIGID have delivered here. They have opted for the barrow type of stand where the saw is permanently attached  and can be moved from transport mode to assembled mode by pressing a foot lever on the stand and rotating it from vertical to horizontal. Other saws that have this types of the stand is the Bosch 4100-09 and the SawStop JSS-MCA. This is great for moving around the job site with its 8 ” rubber  wheels, as well as being good for people with smaller workshops who don’t have the space for a table saw to be set up all of the time.

Blades and Dado’s

The saw comes with a 36 tooth ATB carbide tipped blade. It’s just OK, and I would recommend getting a new better, aftermarket blade, better suited to the type of woodworking you will be doing. The R4513 does have the ability to cut dado’s and can accept a 6 ” stacked dado set with a max width of 3/4″. To cut dado’s you will need to use the optional extra throat plate, The part number for this is 089290001183 (source RIDGID website Q&A). If you want a zero clearance insert, your only option is to make your own. The blade is changed using the two supplied wrenches. The RF4513 has a rectangular throat plate. where the R4510 uses the more standard oval throat plates.

Fence and Miter

The fence on this saw is telescopic which allows you to make those wide cuts. It extends by approx. 10-1/2 ” on the right of the blade, giving you a maximum rip width of 25″ so you can cut full size 4′ x 8′ sheet materials. I like the fact that the tape on the rail extends along with the fence, which means you can continue to measure your cuts off of the rail when it’s extended. Although I know a lot of you will still prefer to measure from the fence to the blade. The fence is pretty standard, it slides easily and locks at each end when you drop the lever. I do feel the rack and pinion fences found on most of the DeWalt’s are superior, But if it moves easily, locks securely and square to the blade then what more do you need. The supplied miter gauge is good. Its accurate and runs well in the T style miter track on this saw.


As with all portable table saws, The RIGID R4513 comes with a 15 amp direct drive brush motor, which spins at 4000rom. These saws are loud, but having the soft start feature does help when using this saw. Now it appears the RIDGID have chosen to not include the soft start motor with their new R4513


Again pretty standard stuff from RIGID here. It comes with perfectly adequate blade guard, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. It can be added and removed easily, without the use of tools. A pin fits into a notch on the riving knife and a lever on the blade guard secures it in place.

Other Features

As well as the very good extendable fence. I really like the blade adjustment knob, It’s clever design allows you to control both the height and angle of the blade from one dial. By loosening the center nut, this allows you to turn the handle to alter the height of the blade. By flipping down the bevel locking lever, you can spin the outer outer wheel on the adjusting wheel to set the angle of the blade. On the right side of the blade there is storage for the supplied push stick and miter gauge.

The fence detaches and is stored securely on the right hand side of the saw. The R4510 had micro an adjustment dial on the fence. This is missing on the R4513 which is a shame.

On the left hand side of the saw, the blade guard, spare blades and blade wrenches are stored. On the back of the saw there is a 2″ dust port where you can hook up your shop vac.

RIDGID R4513 Fence

RIDGID R4513 Fence

RIDGID R4513 Blade Adjustment

RIDGID R4513 Blade Adjustment

RIDGID R4513 Rip Cut

RIDGID R4513 Rip Cut

Differences between R4510 and R4513

There is nothing official from RIDGID on the differences between the two saws, but it is a hot topic with people that are looking at purchasing this saw. So lets look at what we do know. There is an active discussion on the RIGID website that discusses the differences you can find it here,

  • The soft start feature has been removed on the R4513
  • The throat plate is rectangular on the R4513 and oval on the R4510
  • The throat plate is held down with magnets on the R4513 but a spring lock on the R4510
  • The throat plate is levelled with philips head screws on the R4513 but hex screws on the R4510
  • The R4513 has a slightly different fence that doesn’t have the micro adjustment wheel
  • The R4513 has a different design push stick and miter gauge
  • The R4513 has a motor housing that bolts directly to the rack and pinion bevel adjustment that fully locks in place.
  • The R4513 has changed to use plastic gears on the blade tilt mechanism. These were metal on the R4510
  • Case is flimsier on the R4513
  • The stand on the R4513 feels better

Having a rectangular throat plate, makes it a lot easier to make your own zero clearance inserts. OK its nice to have the micro adjustment, but realistically most woodworkers will measure from the blade ensure accuracy. Its a shame that the soft start feature has been removed

Now it appears that the gears that control the height of the blade were plastic on the R4510 and RIGID have kept them plastic on the R4513. The difference is with the blade bevel mechanism. These used to be metal on the R4510 but RIGID have opted to make these plastic on the R4513. I guess RIGID made the decision that metal wasn’t necessary for this part and have decided to save money by switching for a tough plastic. I don’t see a problem with this, as long as it doesn’t affect the use of the saw.

A lot of people are of the opinion that the case on the R4510 is better than the the R4513. This is somewhere that RIGID have decided to save money. The grey enclosed bottom on the R4510 gave a lot more stability to the saw.

Its a shame that RIDGID have omitted the soft start feature on this saw. The idea behind soft start is to protect the motor from wear and tear by gradually getting the motor up to speed over a few seconds.


RIDGID have produced a very good saw here. I think the debate between the R4513 and theR4510 will rage on. The frustration has come from people having questions, and not having people on hand to give accurate and consistent answers. There is a lot of evidence on forums and websites where responses from RIDGID seem to contradict each other. for example the RIDGID response on the Home Depot website suggests that the difference between the two models is there is no soft start on on the R4513 where there was on the R4510. This contradicts a mrmaglos response on the ridgidforum.com where RIDGID tech support supposedly said that the R4510 didn’t have soft start either so no change. This is then contradicted again with Sandyon66 where the response from RIDGID was that the R4513 does have a soft start.

The R4510 was a great saw, which was a huge seller, because it ticked a lot of boxes for woodworkers and contractors. the R4513 is also a great machine, But the changes seem to be making people feel short changed rather than pleased that they are getting the newer better saw.

I hope that RIDGID can give definitive answers to a lot of these questions to put prospective customers minds at ease, and then we can actually start to focus on the merits of the R4513.

Do you own the R4510 or the R4513? If so, Please leave a comment. I really want to get to bottom of what is happening with this saw and give anyone who is looking to buy this saw all the information that they need to make the right decision for them

52 Comments on RIDGID R4513 Review

  1. Ridgid Dado Plate

    The only place I have seen to get the correct Dado Throat Plate for R4513 is off Craigslist in Seattle. The other models will not work so it must be for the R4513

    • james

      Hi Pierre, Unfortunately RIDGID don’t have a zero clearance throat plate for the R4513. As far as I am aware they don’t have any plans to introduce one. Which is a shame.

  2. Scott

    Hi, James. Thanks for this synopsis. I have a couple of questions for you. First, to be clear about the dado capability, you mentioned it “can” accept a 6″ dado stack. Does that mean 6″ only, or as small as 6″, but also 8″? My second is this: since writing this review, have you personally received any private feedback not shown in comments here about the R4513? I have noticed the Ridgid web site for this product (not HD site, but Ridgid) has been riddled with reviews of 1 out of 5 and 3 out of 5 over the past 2-3 months, which has me a little concerned that all the positive reviews on the Home Depot web site are merged reviews of the R4510. Thanks again for your feedback.

    • james

      Hi Scott, It was really hard to find the a figure for the size of dado for the 4513. In the end I got the figure from the R4513 user manual, where it states it will accept a 6″ dado. I read this as the maximum diameter it would take. Like you, I’m not convinced with the accuracy of the RIDGID or Home Depot websites with regards to their reviews, FAQ’s and specs

    • Kyle

      I read an online review where a guy tried an 8″ dado. He said the plastic riving knife lever was too long and didn’t have clearance.

      • Denny Cahalan

        He is absolutely correct. Just purchased an Irwin 8″; before I even start it up (haven’t yet!) I turned the dado set to check for clearance. The plastic riving knife lever DOES come in contact with the blade, IF the lever is placed in the “lock” (i.e. down) position. However, I’m not too concerned, as the “spring” enclosed in the lever will permit it to stay in the “up” position. I read where the arbor diameter must match the dado hole diameter.

  3. Jim

    Your part number for the DADO throat plate is incorrect. I ordered the 089260001699 for my 4513 and is is too short and in the wrong configuration

  4. Chris

    I just purchased an R4513. After reading MANY reviews on the Amazon site I’m worried about the motor as many people had theirs burn up on the R4510. Also they said the support was terrible! Did Ridgid fix the motor problem?


  5. Bill

    I have concerns about this saw….it shakes like all get out when you start it. The blade rubs against the insert when the blade is set low. The blade was not vertical when vertical was indicated.

  6. Chris Grover

    I had the TS2400 which to me looked just like the R4510 It belonged to the company I used to work for and I used it all the time for about 8 years then the little plastic gears that raise and lower the blade needed to be replaced so the just bought a new saw and I bought the old Ridgid from them and put new gears on and the saw was still great. This saw is built great and is rugged. Unfortunately I did something stupid and bent the arbor assembly on the saw and I could not find the part anywhere so I went and bout the new R4513. As soon as I started looking at it and putting it together I was sooooo disappointed, this saw is not 1/4 as well built as my old saw, the table is not flat, the throat plate is not flat either. the extending table would still slide when locked. You really can’t make your own throat plates because the flimsy one that comes on it is only about a 16th of an inch thick and a piece of wood that thick would not work.There are really only 2 things that I do like, the easy to set up stand ( doesn’t feel very sturdy though ) and the fence storage in the body. I am so much disappointed with this saw that I am going to take my bent arbor to a machinist and see if he can straighten it.

  7. Robert Iraci

    I just unboxed my new 4513. I’ve owned the 4510 for 2 years. So far I am disappointed in the 4513.
    It just seems smaller and cheaper. I thought I was getting an “upgrade”. Honestly I have not plugged it in
    yet, but going by looks and size, I think I might be selling it. A rectangle throat plate? How are we supposed to
    get a zero clearance plate – you can’t even find one to buy!

  8. Tyler Macpherson

    I have been running a 4513 for occasional use for nearly a year. I have no complaints with the well-priced saw. It requires a bit more setup knowledge but that’s no problem for a machinist like me and it has done everything I needed it to. I never trust indicators and always check all blades and cutting tools for squareness etc. anyways when it matters.

    I DO have an issue with the power switch. The switch itself is fine (20A rating switching 15A), but the wiring job just plain sucks. They use blade terminals on as little wire as possible (thank you China), and two of them got hot and have burned up the switch. The characteristic “scratches” made by a tight blade connector are not present on the burnt terminals. They have have damaged the female connectors upon installing the switch. Found a new switch for $20 and will be re-wiring the whole switch box myself. Definitely not sending it back for repairs.

    • Rob

      That’s what I want to know. There’s no way this thing is 23″ high when in use. Who the heck would buy a saw, with a stand mind you, that is only 2 ft off the ground.

  9. Karen

    I’ve been happy with the 4513 until I went to change for the dado blade I have bought. I’m unable to loosen the bolt and the left blade wrench when on the shaft pretty much bent (made sure it was on flat end was on shaft) when I was pushing it towards the back to loosen the bolt on the right. Not a happy camper right now. And with the Christmas coming I’m at this point unable to finish the gifts I’m suppose to give.

  10. Darrell E. Carter

    Try this. I ordered if and it appears to be the correct Dado Throat plate for the R4513.
    Ridgid Plate, Dado Throat #RG-089290001183

  11. Darrell Carter

    You’re welcome! It took me a while to find one. Seems like when I buy something, it gets discontinued pretty quick. Anyway, that dado throat plate is 6.25″ long by 1″ wide, so I gather it is considered a zero clearance??? Now all I need is a dado blade.

  12. Stephen Hegyesi

    Purchase yesterday. Plugged it into a dedicated GFI plug for golf cart charging which is the only receptacle on a 20ampizza Square D breaker, 5 foot connection to connection. The saw trips the breaker imediately. Is it possable to add a Motor Run Capacitor?

  13. rick

    I have r4510 have not have had one problem with it. Have built cabinets, furniture and have done many residential, and commercial construction as a licensed contractor. Am retired now but I have shop and still play around building stuff all the time. The r4510 has done everything I needed it to do with not one breakdown but I maintain all my tool regularly preventive maintenance eliminates most problems.

  14. Shrin

    Please tell me what size wrench I need to remove saw blade on the R4513?
    I tried to remove my blade with the supplied wrench and that just bent the “U” shaped wrench.
    Please help.

  15. Jean L Michel

    I am worried now that I purchased a dado set 8″ and the right dado throat pate for the r4513 Ridgid OEM 089290001183. I have not yet used it. How am I going to exchange this stuff? I had everything shipped to Haiti, and my next trip to NY is months away.
    Could not get accurate info since the size of dado was referred by HD assistant. I will have to purchase a new dado stack, 6″ this time.

  16. Henry

    Just bought a R4513 to replace an older Ridged same model just 4-5 years old
    the new one feels like a cheap piece of junk
    Had to adjust for squareness to table before use Bevel clamp would not hold motor/blade in place
    The old one was great out of the box
    Just seems to be a lower quality that the old one
    Its a shame because they are the best saw on the market for a portable table saw or were

    • james

      Thanks for the comment Henry it’s a real shame when manufacturers seem to sacrifice on quality. we don’t paying that little bit more for accuracy and quality

  17. Richard Rodriguez

    Is there a thinner riving knife available. The stock one is .090″ thick but the new blade I bought is .075″ thick.

  18. Shawn

    I’ve owned mine for a little more that a year Model 4513. I’m about to take it in for a second motor replacement. They have a decent warranty,and absolutely use the warranty, probably a few times a year like me. Expect to be without a saw for 2-3 weeks if the authorized repair center is local. Don’t buy this saw.

  19. Matt

    After 12-years of commercial use, my 4510 died. The arbor bearing had been making some noise for a while, but yesterday, something broke loose and mangles the drive gear and bent the drive shaft. I think the saw is done, unless Ridged wants to replace the motor. It’s been an amazing saw and does not owe me a penny. Other than a new switch and a few normal wear and tear items, the saw has been flawless. I just looked at the 4513 and although it’s $100 less than what I paid for the 4510, the saw has been cheapened significantly throughout the machine. I am very disappointed. None of my ZCI or dado inserts will work and the throat plate appears to be much thinner. The trunnion is now stamped steel rather than cast aluminum, the gears are plastic, the accessory storage is wimpy, etc… . I’d pay $600 for an improved 4510 over a value-engineered $400 4513.

  20. Brent

    I had the R4510 for 5 years and just got replaced by Ridgid with R4513. Motor burned up on the R4510. I took it in to Home Depot on July 23 got the new one October 17. I can honestly say I would not purchase this saw, it has been cheapened so much it’s rediculous. Very disappointed in the quality of the R4513 and how long it took to get the replacement.

  21. Jeff

    The saw works ok if you equip itvwith a nice cross-cut sled. However any kind of precise ripping i have found to be next to impossible due to the weird design of the bed and throat plate. Why the odd dip?

    Going to trade the 4513 out and buy a Delta or similar.

  22. Greg

    I just bought the 4513 and haven’t unboxed it yet. After reading this I think I’m going to return it and pay an extra hundred and $50 to get the Bosch

    • james

      Hi Luc, No they are not the R4510 uses a standard 3/4″ by 3/8″ miter gauge. Where as the R4513 uses a T-Style miter gauge to stop it rising out of the slot

  23. J.P. De Grandmont

    I feel I got scammed by rigid.. Their 10″ 4513 saw is a piece of junk. The only saving grace is the folding stand.
    I have a fight on my hands every time I have to raise or lower the blade. I’ll never buy Rigid again.

  24. BILL


  25. Kai

    I’m really disappointed. I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks. I can’t get a 90 degree cut. The blade just will not adjust right. Also the gears are super weak and dust just clogs them up immediately. Can’t raise or lower the blade with out cleaning the gears every time. Also no one makes a zero clearance throat.

  26. Mike

    I bought the 4513 the end of Nov 2018. I used it twice so far. The round nob that adjusts the blade height snapped off in my hand while I was raising the blade. Cheap plastic, unacceptable for an industrial saw. I threw out the box last week or I would considering returning the entire saw to Home Depot…I hate cheap quality tools!

  27. Jonathan Lozier

    Boy I wish I read some reviews before my purchase! Normally I am a research nut but got lured in by the black Friday price and LSA. I CAN NOT GET IT SQUARED! will not still at 0 degree, anyone have luck fixing it. Used the adjustment screw and it did not help. After spending a few hours examining it, to get 0 degree or square the motor assembly is pushing up and bending the cast aluminum table…. I emailed Ridgid , no response yet, calling now but don’t have much faith in a competent answer. Looking for help.

  28. Scott Greer

    Yeah I got one the wheel design to raise and lower the blade is not good it’s not sturdy enough to hold up matter fact mine broke then you cant manually turn it .poor design.

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