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SawStop JSS-MCA review

So Today we are going to look at the SawStop JSS-MCA, The new table saw offering from those clever safety conscious people at SawStop. They have managed to do what a lot of woodworkers wanted and put their awesome safety technology into a portable job site saw. The JSS-MCA may be both bigger and heavier than many of the other portable table saw offerings from the likes of DeWalt and Bosch, but i feel that this saw fits perfectly into their range. Many woodworkers are going to be attracted to some of the features on this saw that you just don’t seem to find on the smaller table saws in this class.



Motor Configuration 120 VAC 60 Hz, Universal
Amperage 15A
No Load RPM 4,000
Cord Length 116 in
Saw Dimensions1 5-1/2″ H x 31-3/4″ W x 28-3/4″ D
Saw Dim. w Cart (folded, On End) 45″ H x 26-1/4″ W x 28-3/4″ D
Saw Dimensions w Cart (unfolded) 36″ H x 48″ W x 28-3/4″ D
Table Dimensions (retracted) 31-1/4″ W x 22-5/8″ D
Weight (saw only) 79 lbs
Weight (with cart) 108 lbs
Shipping weight (with cart) 130 lbs
Blade Diameter 10″
Dado Diameter 8″
Dado max. width 13/16″
Bevel Angle Range -1 to 46
Blade Tilt Left
Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º 3-1/8″
Max. depth of cut, blade at 45º 2-1/8″
Max. rip right of blade (extended) 25-1/2″
Max. rip left of blade 9-3/4″
Arbor diameter at blade 5/8″
Main bearing size 62mm OD x 30mm ID x 16mm W
Second bearing size 52mm OD x 25mm ID x 15mm W
Table in front of blade (max elev) 6″
Table behind blade (max elev) 7-3/8″
Miter Slots T-shaped dimensions .754″ W x .413″ D; “T” .956″ W x .157″ THK
Dust collection port diameter 2-1/2″ Outside/ 2-1/4″ Inside
Riving knife/splitter thickness 2.3mm (.090″)
Blade guard Polycarbonate
Hand wheel Effective diameter Ø6.3″
Belts Poly-V static dissipative belt

Main Features

  • One Turn Elevation
  • QuickTilt
  • Micro Adjust
  • T-Style Fence with ErgoLock
  • Fence Holster
  • Low Profile Blade Guard
  • Pedal Release
  • Large Wheels
  • Control Box
  • Tool-Free Zero-Clearance Insert
  • Accessory Storage Drawer
  • Extension Clamp


The biggest selling point of every SawStop saw is safety and the JSS-MCA is no exception. They have incorporated the unique braking technology into this saw extremely well. A few people are suspicious of the technology because of the possibility of false positives which may occur with wet wood or nails, but SawStop have addressed this very well by incorporating some clever by passing technology. On a cut by cut basis you can override the automatic brake. There is also a clever notification system on the saw that will tell you if the cut you just made would have triggered the brake.

If the brake does get triggered then this will mean a new brake cartridge and blade before you can reset and start using the saw again but i’d rather pay a small price for those than a visit to the Emergency room and possibly a few fingers lighter.

Here’s a great video from toolsofthetrade demonstrating the new SawStop JSS-MCA

Base and Stand

The SawStop JSS-MCA comes with a very good foldable wheeled base. Similar to the Gravity Rise stand found on the Bosch 4100-09. The stand incorporates wheel barrow style handles and large heavy duty wheels, Perfect for moving over rough job site terrain. This saw weighs in at 108lbs with the cart (79lbs without) so comes in a bit heavier than other jobsite saws so its good that they have come up with a great way of moving it around.

SawStop JSS-MCA Transport SawStop JSS-MCA Transport

Table and Fence

With a retracted table size of 31-1/4″ W x 22-5/8. The SawStop JSS-MCA offers a good table size and using the sliding extension you get a maximum rip capacity of 25.5″ which means you can easily rip full size 4′ x 8′ sheet materials.

The fence is also very good, It is a T style fence that glides very easily over the table and locks in place easily with a push lock on the top of the fence. It clamps on the front of the saw only, but it shows no flex and sets perfectly square to the blade.


As you would expect the SawStop JSS-MCA comes with a very good blade guard and riving knife system, to help prevent kickback and fingers touching the blade, and I would recommend that you keep this on where possible as it’s good practice. If you slide out the extension table you can access all the accessories. Which consists of miter gauge, allen wrenches and a riving knife to be used when you are not using the blade guard. There is also a section to store spare brake cartridges.


The motor on this saw, as you would expect from a jobsite portable saw is a 15 amp 1.5HP brush motor that spins at 4000 RPM with no load. Its a good strong motor and cuts a large variety of materials very well including thicker hardwoods and treated timbers.


SawStop have produced a great saw with JSS-MCA, which has answered a lot of questions from a lot of woodworkers. It is a quality product with safety and accuracy at its heart. It is expensive compared to other table saws in the “jobsite” bracket but you do really get what you pay for.

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Helpful Links

Sawstop Website

Ron Paulk SawStop JSS-MCA unboxing

Build Quality
Final Thoughts

Brilliantly made table saw with safety at its heart, amazing quality accessories and innovative design. Is expensive for a saw in this class, but SawStop are striving to provide premium table saws.

Overall Score 4.5
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